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The Nature of Sandwich by Liam Rypka

Final Project Adobe Spark Travel Page

My Italy Travel Spark Page:

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Photoshop Final Project

For the photoshop aspect of my final project, I decided to find images of highly populated areas (as seen below), such as China and India. Then, I added an image of "Waldo," a classic character in books where readers were required to find him within an extremely crowded image. 

Once I found the four images, I used "free transform" and layering in order to add a layer of Waldo and alter him in size in order to fit the image and make it difficult to notice him. I then placed him in a random position within each of the images. 


This is my screencast on how to "build a squad" on a FIFA 18 website.  FIFA 18 is a soccer video game involving every professional team around the world.

** Is in my google drive because file was too large for Blogger**

Timeline Project- Liam Rypka, Michael Stack, Cameron Scheuer

Athletics & Academics Infographic