Photo Editing Project

Fake News Article

Basketball Powerhouse Barely Defeats Underdog UMBC

           Yesterday, after a grueling game, the University of Virginia capped off a win versus the University of Maryland Baltimore County. After hitting a game-typing three at the buzzer of regulation, sending the game into overtime, Kyle Guy on Virginia nailed a fadeaway jumper with 0.4 seconds left on the clock to send the Cavaliers onto the next round of "March Madness." The University of Virginia faces Kansas State University Saturday night in the round of thirty two. The Cavaliers are the overall number one seed in the entire tournament, therefore put a lot of weight on their shoulders. If they were to lose, this would have been the first time ever that a sixteen seeded defeated a one seeded team in the mens college basketball national tournament, a fairly embarrassing and degrading feat.

Reviewing Fake News Sites

Buy and Ancestor Online 
I found this website very amusing in certain aspects, specifically with the disclaimers, such as "Do NOT call 911 when seeking this clarification," and "Sorry. We do NOT accept coupons." Though, I found the various bright colors and capitalization of words to be obnoxious and unnecessary in many occasions. The fact of buying an ancestor is clearly fake, and therefore any attempt to sell people on this topic is clearly fake.

Dog Island

I thought this website was very well done and clean and appealing to the eye. Though, I realized it was fake because of just how large the number of dogs on the island were (2,500). This, to me, just seemed way too high, especially due to the logistics of bringing the dogs there. I also could tell that it was maybe fake, or unreliable due to the massive amount of ads along the edges of the website.

Save the Tree Octopus

This website seemed fake off the bat.  The image of the octopus in the tree looked to be made…

Vote Video Project

This video was created by Michael Stack, Cam Scheuer, and Liam Rypka:

Infographic Practice

Pano Perspective Assignment

My example of a pano perspective:
As you can see, there is one frame of Michael hitting a ball with a bat, a ball which was "thrown" by myself in the next frame, and in the last frame I am catching the ball which was hit.  Our thought process was trying to depict something that we enjoyed and something that would really look interesting as a final product. Personally, I thought that the final product was very clean and came out very well. Obviously, the ball could not be in mid air, which would have been great, because it could have negatively altered the panoramic image. I felt as though I could have had a more dynamic pose while throwing the ball, but I still am happy with the final product.