Friday, February 16, 2018

Pano Perspective Assignment

My example of a pano perspective:
As you can see, there is one frame of Michael hitting a ball with a bat, a ball which was "thrown" by myself in the next frame, and in the last frame I am catching the ball which was hit.  Our thought process was trying to depict something that we enjoyed and something that would really look interesting as a final product. Personally, I thought that the final product was very clean and came out very well. Obviously, the ball could not be in mid air, which would have been great, because it could have negatively altered the panoramic image. I felt as though I could have had a more dynamic pose while throwing the ball, but I still am happy with the final product.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Leading Lines

My two pictures exemplifying leading lines:

Both of these images depict the use of "leading lines" because they have "lines," or paths within them that draw the viewer to a certain part of the frame. In the top one of the boardwalk, the line is leading you to the distance, enough to the point where you can no longer, or barely see the pathway which the boardwalk provides. As for the bottom picture, the main line, or road, leads the viewer to the distant on the left side of the image, until it is out of frame. I felt as though these images came out really well and provide viewers with a fresh point of view while visualizing photographs of an area that they may be extremely familiar with and have seem many times before. Also, I do think that these images succeeding with the lines or paths within the picture drawing the viewer's eyes along, and making them feel as though they are actually in the photograph. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rule of Thirds

My two "Rule of Thirds" images:

In both images, I used the rule of thirds. The objects which were part of this rule (me jumping off of the boardwalk, and both the sun and the people at the beach) are located on the left side of the image and are placed along a vertical line. This follows the rule of thirds because both figures of objects in the image are not directly in the center of the image in order to be more appealing to the viewer and create a less generic picture. According to the article, if I had these objects in the middle of the photograph, a sense of the picture split may have occurred. I feel as though these images came out really well, especially since the direction of my jump is towards the center of the image, or across it, instead of the outer edge of it, which allows the viewer to better see where I am going in the photograph. As for the image with the sunset, it just seems to me that the location of the objects truly does establish a balance throughout the photograph. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Point of View

My three different point of view images of a Celtics basketball:

I chose to take pictures of my signed Celtics basketball because it is very meaningful, primarily due to the fact that it was my birthday present a few years ago. Also, I was hoping to take photographs on Wednesday outside as another option, but because of the downpour of rain, I was unable to. The three views were all fairly up close, and I had a top, bottom, and side view. The bottom view created a deceiving image of the basketball being larger than it really is and the close-up picture made it so that the ball took up the majority of the photograph.  I liked the top view of the basketball because I typically never look at the object in that way, it is always from the side. As for the side view, it is a very common viewpoint, but I really appreciated how there were multiple reflections within the glass case of both the basketball and its surroundings. I feel as though because of this assignment, I looked at many of my everyday items in a different light, or point of view. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018